A curated streaming destination for documentaries and art-house films.

What the Press is Saying About OVID

"A cornucopia of international movies and documentaries, short- and medium-length films and features, recent ones as well as classics. [OVID is] far better for recent movies than FilmStruck ever was, and its spectrum of new movies is far more substantial than that of Netflix, wider-ranging than that of Amazon Prime." —Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“In the wake of FilmStruck’s closure, the streaming space for film is increasingly crowded. Even so, OVID fills such a particular niche that its offerings are unlikely to be found elsewhere.” —Michael Nordine, Indiewire

“Getting the jump on The Criterion Channel was OVID.tv, the incredible new streaming service backed by some of the greatest distributors... This is truly the killer app for cinephiles.” —Joshua Brunsting, CriterionCast

“OVID is the new destination for films that are largely unavailable on most other platforms. Love hard-hitting issue documentaries and international independent cinema? Ovid is the place for you… it is not just any streaming site, but a haven for cinephiles who have been left behind.” —Monica Altmayer, NONFICS

"Many of us are still mourning the November 2018 demise of FilmStruck, the AT&T-owned SVOD service for Turner Classic Movies and the exclusive online streaming home of The Criterion Collection. Although FilmStruck was short-lived, its demise was a catalyst, a wake-up call to smaller distributors. It may be serendipity, but OVID.tv has stepped in to help fill the void." —Cynthia Close, IDA's Documentary Magazine