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Wherefore OVID.tv

The Roman poet Ovid wrote in Metamorphoses “Let me sing to you now, about how people turn into other things.”

Little could he have imagined but isn’t that why we watch movies, to be transformed?

And in the face of a handful of enormous media companies consolidating and expanding, while ironically reducing spaces for alternative, provocative visions, isn’t it time for the media to be transformed too?

That’s why six months ago, a group of eight independent film distribution companies met, and decided to support the launch of a new, alternative subscription streaming service, OVID.tv

OVID.tv is the subscription streaming service for everyone who wants that spark that you feel is missing on the big corporate platforms - for all of us who want to be moved, and moved to action, to be transformed, and to transform the world. Change is good. Join us at OVID.tv.